Solar System – Shader

The goal of the assignment was to create shaders in Unreal Engine. The aim was for the student to be able to create shaders based on a description with the help of basic knowledge of the Unreal engine.


Blender 3D Modeling

Duration: One Week

The goal of the assignment was to select a room type (e.g., garage, bedroom) and concentrate on a specific area, like a wall or corner. After sketching the room layout and setting up a camera angle, students will model foundational elements like furniture. Basic texturing and lighting setup will follow, with continual refinement throughout the week.

Blender Animation Project

Duration: One Week

The main theme of the project is to put together the animation skills acquired during animation lessons to craft a complete animation sequence.


Task: Select a car brand and try to align a watch company’s identity to one of the cars of that brand.

Duration: One week

In this assignment, the goal is to seamlessly merge the essence of a prominent watch company with the distinctive character of a chosen car brand’s vehicle. With just one week, the challenge lies in crafting a compelling fusion of automotive excellence and horological sophistication.

I aimed to create a sophisticated car with a concrete and sleek identity, and Rolls-Royce perfectly meets my criteria. I extensively incorporated the Rolex logo into the design process.

Final result – Inspo clock


In progress…


Google products
Microsoft Office
Autodesk Fusion 360
Autodesk Spacemaker
Premiere Pro