Jessika Fröjmark

I am an energetic, playful, and social individual at the age of 20 with a passion for problem-solving and creative thinking. With experience working with children, I have developed quickness and flexibility in my actions while maintaining focus and patience. I enjoy interacting with people of all ages and have an ability to create positive and trusting relationships. My love for nature, writing, and music gives me a broad and balanced outlook on life that I believe is valuable in a professional environment.

I have had an incredibly exciting and educational year as a member of Sweden’s young research team, where I had the opportunity to visit Ericsson, AstraZeneca, and other major technology companies.

”Impressive projects at a high technical level. The scholarship holder places their project in a societal perspective and has wise thoughts on impact goals, possible further studies, and areas of application. Independently performed with a good presentation.”

That was the jury’s reasoning for why I secured my spot on the team, enabling me to represent Sweden at South America’s largest technology and mathematics competition in Brazil (Mostratec).

I have always valued independence and responsibility highly, hence by decision to move out at a young age. Taking that step gave me the opportunity to grow and develop in ways I am grateful for. I have learned to take care of myself, handle responsible tasks, and make decisions that impact my own life.

This experience has also given me a strong drive to take initiative and work towards my goals. I believe in actively striving for personal and professional development, and I am eager to contribute meaningfully to every team I become a part of.