Group project – 6 weeks

Our assigned company has submitted a request, due to limited space, that we should present a solution that helps them visualize and streamline their different variants of kitchens, as well as the color and material combinations that are offered.

Our goal was to create a configurator where you can visualize the different kitchens and switch to first person to explore the different surfaces of the kitchen and interact with various relevant parts/objects. We aim to use 3D printed cards that dynamically change different elements of the kitchen design in real time.

My Roles

Project manager, programmer, design and UI responsible.

User Interface

In the project I have designed a logo. In addition to this, I have also been responsible for the design of the user interface (UI) and carried out both its programming and the implementation of animations to improve the user experience.


Another important part of my contribution has been on the hardware side, where I have programmed the Arduino to control various functions and integrated them smoothly with the overall system. This also included printing cards for the Arduino as well as programming specific functions that contain the ID of the materials.


Other functions I programmed into the program are the material functions and everything about the various parts of the kitchen, handle functions and the ZoomTo function to optimize usability.

In addition, I have worked closely with the project management by helping with the programming of cameras and master materials, as well as solving technical challenges such as integrating Unreal Engine with Arduino and adjusting code for door functions such as misplacements of door placement and hinges.

On the physical side of the project I have also had an active role by designing and building the room as well as fabricating and modeling shutters to suit the needs of the project.